Hi, I’m Bailey!

Bailey Belzora (sometimes known as “Bailey Edwards”) is a performer, filmmaker and writer based in Brooklyn, New York. Bailey has been a house team performer at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre since 2015 and can be seen at performing every other Wednesday on Lloyd Night and as Kendall Jenner in, ‘The Heir of Kardashian Manor Episode 666’. As a member of this year’s NBCUniversal Diversity showcase at UCB, she performed four original characters including Everyone’s Southern Mom, Amber the Teenage Horse Girl, and impressions of Kristin Wiig and Hope Hicks.

Bailey’s writing and performances can be seen on MTV, MTV News, Funny or Die, TRL, and Betches (peep those in the portfolio, or down below). Bailey’s short film, It Girl Gay Assistant, created with Pat Regan, was an official Independent Pilot Selection in the New York Television Festival (NYTF) in 2018. Her work was also an official HBO selection at the Women in Comedy Festival in 2018.

Recent Work and Upcoming Comedy Shows

What People Say About Me!

“Excuse me, your hair is so big it’s blocking the screen.”

A Stranger at the Movie Theater

“It looks like there’s a roller coaster happening on her face!”

A Random UCB Audience Member

“She’s wacky but I love her!”

My Mom
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